Ice Play’s latest imaginary journey moves through space to underline, once again, the typical wanderlust of the brand. With a warmer palette and the all-embracing neutral shades of earth and desert, this season puts the accent on intergalactic voyages for a cosmic traveller with an urban spirit.

The galaxy has always sparked the imagination of pop culture and so it is with ICE PLAY’s Fall Winter 2020 Collection, suitable for all everyday occasions, yet enhanced by a futuristic twist. Iridescent and silver effects confer three dimensionality to knitwear and denim, sequins are tinged with intense green, blue and black while silver is explored in its multiple facets, even spilling over onto outerwear.

The futuristic colours of white, grey and silver are at the front and centre of this collection while darker tones, such as violet, deep green and neon blue, recall the depth of the galaxies. Of street style inspiration, the herringbone motif of outerwear garments teams up with contrasting iridescent fabrics, floral motifs and logoed graphic designs. Fabrics sport lurex inserts while skirts favour tiny pleats as the sheen of lime and amethyst-coloured satins regale lightness and movement.

Men’s garments light up with silver coatings while iridescent reflections and trims add a touch of glamour. Metallic finishes, hints of neon and trims inspired by the space-age style meld harmoniously with garments belonging to a casual street-style concept. The sporty world is represented by the addition of technical details, comprising logoed zip fasteners, head-turning logos and personalized rubber zip-toggles with deeply embossed logos. Piles are back, along with pearl coated acetate and nylon. Black teams up with red and white to create typically sporty block colour solutions. Outfits retain the characteristic sporty touch and stake everything on an oversized fit typical of the nineties, to create hybrids between utility, tailored and street wear silhouettes.

Ice Play continues its commitment to sustainability with puffer jackets in eco feathers which ensure the same technical characteristics while embracing the “save the duck” concept. A denim package consisting of 4 pieces for men and women has been produced using washes in recycled water and laser fading treatments.