The brightness of arctic landscapes, the dazzling white of glaciers, the blinding light of vast endless spaces. The pre-fall 2023 collection by Ice Play travels to the poles at the ends of the Earth, fascinated and seduced by the northern lights. The colour palette reflects the astonishing nuances of the skies painted with unbelievable brushstrokes of colour. This Italian brand’s lines incorporate reflective surfaces, granite prints, linear silhouettes, and enveloping materials. Metropolitan explorers ready to bring arctic stimuli into the fabric of the city thanks to looks inspired by activewear that are, at the same time, firmly anchored in contemporary trends.

An agender mood is shared by the padded outerwear in glacial colours, from optical white to indigo. Same-colour quilt stitching is framed by the contrasting profiles on puffers. Womenswear digs out sweatshirts and crop tops in oversized volumes together with hoodies and long coats. Ice Play’s pre-fall reworks the classic coat by applying nylon details and unexpected slits. Mirrored jackets shine with luminous reflections that capture the essence of northern sunrises. The perfect fit of blazers and trousers confirms the versatility of Ice Play that alternates casual and formal wear. The draping of midi skirts and stretch knitwear enhance the female body. Satin surfaces and geometric shapes embody the DNA of an increasingly more varied accessories collection. Shoulder bags surprise with furry straps and there are also padded models to wear with matching puffers.

Menswear moves hand in hand with the women’s line. Grey scale for pullovers, leather jackets, cargo pants and the ever-present puffers. Teal and light blue alternate with a polar total white, while sweatshirts and soft track trousers are the daily uniform for the Ice Play community. The logo certifies membership of the brand’s urban tribe, less obvious with a lower profile this season. Refined looks are rounded out with footwear having minimal lines but rich tailoring details. The sharp energy of glaciers emphasises timeless, ageless garments.

Less is more but not a bore.