Italy is a remarkable country where certain stories seem to sum up an entire age, capturing in a nutshell the energy and courage of a glorious creativity, calling attention to a unique talent for invention and all the magic of an enterprising spirit. They are extraordinary stories that unfold quite normally, day by day. Giuliana Marchini, age 15, lived in the town of Cattolica where her father Luigi had set up a small transport company after many years of hard work and sacrifice. Times were difficult in Italy back in the 1950s, people did without. And the family of this curious and lively girl who had clear ideas about the future could not afford to pay for her education. She’d learn a trade she thought. She’d follow the example of her neighbor and become a knitter, using lovely yarns to craft sweaters with her hands on a machine.

Getting the hang of the technique proved easy, but what about turning it into a way to fulfill her biggest dream, that of achieving economic independence with a career and a livelihood of her own? According to Italian tradition, she asked for help from her folks. Luigi Marchini, who knew how to evaluate both a business project and his daughter’s ambitions, did not hesitate to guarantee a loan from the Credito Romagnolo bank so she could buy a knitting machine.

The newly acquired device – the first of many – ended up in the living room at home. Then other girls came along to give her a hand, for the work had evolved into a neverending job, from six a.m. to midnight, knitting the items and then washing them (in the family clothes-washer, naturally).

Once word got around about the young knitter who made sweaters to measure, she found herself with a long list of customers. Soon she also began receiving orders from fancy clothing shops, among others Chic Parisien in Rimini. Thanks to rave reviews on the part of satisfied customers, Giuliana embarked on her entrepreneurial path. She extended her distribution network into the Romagna and Emilia areas of Italy, then with the aid of sales representatives into other regions of the country too. At that point she felt compelled to make a real quality leap and put together a sample collection. In other words, rather than creating custom pullovers for individual clients, she had to start manufacturing and delivering items on a vast scale. The imaginative hometown knitter became a businesswoman. A small one perhaps, yet as she had always dreamed a businesswoman.

Sep 2020

Ice Play makes its debut on the Chinese market

ICE PLAY knows no limits. The contemporary brand by Gilmar has just signed an important agreement with Wanxuan Group for distribution in China. This well-known Asian company founded by Mr. Qiu Guodian has branches in Guyang, Xiamen and Shanghai. Partnership with ICE PLAY will begin with the men and women’s ready-to-wear and accessory collections for spring/summer 2021. The five-year deal also includes opening of more than 50 monobrand stores in China, as well as the development of a wholesale channel and launch on major e-commerce platforms. In parallel, a communication strategy will be followed through and flanked by a marketing plan that will support development of ICE PLAY business and brand awareness. Wanxuan Group boasts an important client portfolio of 13 international brands and no fewer than 126 monobrands in China. This company’s success is linked to its excellent use of market planning strategies, development of distribution channels and innovative business models. The agreement with this new partner is the first real Chinese retail initiative for ICE PLAY, until now selling in Italy, Russia and, gradually, in European countries.

"ICE PLAY perfectly express the cosmopolitan style of the new generations, a post-millennial target that recognises the moment’s trends and is constantly on the lookout for unusual stimuli. I thank Wanxuan Group for its valuable collaboration; this expansion project in China confirms the growing importance represented by ICE PLAY for Gilmar,” said the CEO of the Italian Group, Paolo Gerani.

"I am extremely proud to support the official ICE PLAY kick off in China. This brand perfectly meets current market requests and we will immediately be making every effort to achieve the goals set with Mr. Gerani,” adds Mr. Qiu Guodian, founder of Wanxuan Group.

"There was immediate rapport with Mr. Qiu Guodian. We share the same strategic approaches and together we will develop the potential of ICE PLAY in China", was the final verdict from Corrado Masini, Global Brands Director di Gilmar. 

Sep 2020

Ice Play Spring/Summer 2021 A Bigger Splash

The smell of salt, sand between your fingers, wind ruffling your hair and the hypnotic sound of the waves. Ice Play’s Spring-Summer 2021 collection encapsulates all the iconic features of beach holidays. Set off to find yourself among timeless natural elements. Escape from everyday life, dive into a reality enlivened by new stimuli, exciting adventures and contagious laughter. An endless beach bustling with surf enthusiasts and experienced divers searching for marine wonders beneath the water. The brand’s identity is naturally attuned to coastal landscapes. Street influences are combined with sportswear in a crescendo of ocean references. A dive into Ice Play’s vibrant world of colours, patterns and graphic designs with an unmistakable street inspiration.

The women’s collection is a blaze of fluorescent contrasts that bring to mind the world of corals and the curved shapes of fish. Jellyfish float on all-over prints, fish star in details that include ruffles, flounces, feathers and large iridescent sequins. The contours enhance the figure through contrasting stitching and seams. The logo is revisited thanks to new versions, including the new IPY graphic version. The materials used include crepe de chine and iridescent nylon along with terry-effect soft fleece made in reverse. The T-shirts are decorated with creatures from the depths, especially multicoloured jellyfish. The luminous seabed conveys a sense of movement, perfectly reflecting the water’s constant dynamism. The colour scheme expresses Ice Play’s ‘forever young’ philosophy: fluorescent tones and pastel shades, graphic black and white, swimming pool blues and the blue of the sea. Legs are complemented by new mini skirts, mini dresses and shorts. Large zips and drawstrings ensure a custom fit. The collection’s bags reflect its guidelines, perfectly complementing the outfits.

The menswear echoes the vibrancy of the womenswear, drawing from an eclectic range of colours; fluorescent orange alternates with natural and sandy colours reminiscent of shells, blue is combined with neon yellow and there are abundant black & white graphic contrasts. The underwater world is revived through tie-dye washes and marine prints, clearly inspired by streetwear, for sweatshirts, jackets, shirts and essential beachwear. The logo is lightened by its vertical design and, as in the women’s collection, the new IPY interpretation appears on jackets, contrasting zips and patterns. The sportswear garments feature colour contrasts, linear graphic designs and technical heat-welded seams. Zips open up to reveal colourful interiors, while rubberized zip pulls are an unexpected decorative element.

Ice Play continues to stress its green commitment, as evidenced by the Denim Save the Water garments with a new tag. Zero Cotton garments are composed of 50% lyocell fibre and natural fibre derived from wood, saving the water required for cotton production. The nylon used for the outerwear is 100% recycled.

The spring-summer 2021 collection is completed by a special collaboration with ACBC, an emerging brand that makes modular footwear with uppers that can be detached using a simple zip. The capsule consists of two models, one more basic and the other focused on the depths of the sea, the common thread that unites the whole season. The plastic used is recycled from bottles recovered from the oceans, while the packaging includes the use of a mesh bag.

Sep 2020

Menswear Spring/Summer 2021 Collection

Whether he is cruising the savannas of Botswana on a jeep or lounging beside the pool at his home on the Italian Riviera, the Iceberg Spring Summer 2021 man focuses on self-care and discovery this season. “This collection is about optimism and coming together, in an uncertain age,” says ICEBERG Creative Director James Long, who divided the mens wear lineup into three core sections: off duty Logo No Logo, Extreme Sports and Sport Safari.

And while unprecedented times have forced the Iceberg man to take it easy, his daring spirit is expressed through an innovative juxtaposition between tech and natural fabrics - dyed nylon, viscose and cotton knits. Classic styles are deconstructed with weather-proof anoraks emblazoned with exaggerated pockets, utilitarian safari vests built into t-shirts and oversized parkas are outfitted with rugged, military accents such as durable buckles and a variety of utility pockets.

Striking a sentimental chord, Long revived Iceberg’s cherished “Vernice Fresca” print detailed with elements of Michelangelo’s “Creation of Adam,” the fresco that adorns the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel. Contemporized and revamped with a pop wet paint effect and a holiday palette of sky blue, red and white, the fabric was crafted into two-set shorts and collared shirt ensembles, as well as cotton- knit pullovers, all splashed with the celestial joining of God’s heavenly outstretched fingertip to Adam’s mortal one.

“Amid uncertain times, we really put forth a team effort, in which the entire creative staff was focused on interpreting who the Iceberg man is, in a modern age,” Long comments. “We really wanted to evoke the atmosphere of the Italian Riviera where Iceberg was founded and my own London roots.” Iceberg honed in on its expertise in the world of luxury sports wear unfurling an array punctuated with technical quirks like inside-out linings and intricate, 3D intarsias woven into white cotton sweaters.

Whether he’s off-roading on a sandy dune or speeding at 100 knots on the open ocean, the Iceberg man remains true to his proclivity for underground, risk- taking style. This is demonstrated through ripped, knitwear accents, tri-color motocross jumpsuits and tech pullovers revealing a new reinterpretation of punk sport. Pop culture references to Mickey Mouse are deconstructed onto sweatshirts and shorts — a tribute to Iceberg’s flair for incorporating kitch details into Italian luxury sports wear, whilst affording the Iceberg man a jovial reprieve in the midst of rapidly-evolving times.

Jan 2020

Womenswear Spring/Summer 2021 Collection

«I like to be a free spirit. Some don't like that, but that's the way I am»
Diana, Princess of Wales

With its Spring Summer 2021 womens collection, Iceberg's Creative Director James Long channels Princess Diana’s off-duty, sporty elegance -- a facet of her style that catapulted her to fashion icon status.  Like Diana, creative director Long is also a native of Althorp, Northamptonshire, the home of the Spencer Family aristocratic estate.  “It was really a homage to Princess Diana, who has always influenced me so much and it also speaks to the type of globalized woman who divides her time between Rome, LA, London and the occasional Safari expedition,” Long muses.

Divided into four segments: Heritage and Sport Safari, Iceberg Losanga, Fun in Pink and Punky Grunge, the spring summer collection is the fruit of ardent teamwork amid unprecedented, historical times, requiring the design team to delve into Iceberg’s tradition as a luxury knitwear brand and its Italian Riviera roots, in order to produce something that reflects the times in which we live and architect a new female Iceberg image.  “We all worked so hard, pulling our strengths together, in order to reinterpret this new Italian
lifestyle,” Long adds.

For this reason, Iceberg’s “Vernice Fresca” print, a pop depiction of Michelangelo’s “Creation of Adam,” a fresco that adorns the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, was contemporized and accentuated by a vibrant,escapist palette of melon, canary yellow and seafoam green and made into two-piece suits and sweater sets, the latter, calling to mindPrincess Diana’s endearing school pick-up and drop-off style.  An additional nod to Diana’s style and Iceberg’s past, cartoon characters like Mickey Mouse were emblazoned onto oversized egg-yolk yellow sweatshirts fashioned with puckered, balloon sleeves and fresh, ribbed collar tennis tops, underscoring Iceberg’s flair for incorporating pop icons into Italian luxury sportswear.

The brand’s knitwear expertise also evolved this season, culminating in 3D bubble-wrap textures crafted into clubbing outfits and athletic wear that embraces the sinuous female silhouette.  The bubble-wrap aesthetic is also translated onto prints, imbued with snake skin detailing conjuring safari landscapes and wildlife.  A juxtaposition between technical and summer fabrics is prominent, with a diamond-quilted tulle evening dress and a black cotton knit top, sewn together with an asymmetrical poplin, ruffled skirt. Textured accents such as ripped and lurex embellishments and accessories such as visors, chain earrings and padded, black, cross shoulder bags are a salute to Long’s modernist, London vision, the brand's edgy appeal and luxury DNA.

Jan 2020

Ice Play Fall-Winter 2020


Ice Play’s latest imaginary journey moves through space to underline, once again, the typical wanderlust of the brand. With a warmer palette and the all-embracing neutral shades of earth and desert, this season puts the accent on intergalactic voyages for a cosmic traveller with an urban spirit.

The galaxy has always sparked the imagination of pop culture and so it is with ICE PLAY’s Fall Winter 2020 Collection, suitable for all everyday occasions, yet enhanced by a futuristic twist. Iridescent and silver effects confer three dimensionality to knitwear and denim, sequins are tinged with intense green, blue and black while silver is explored in its multiple facets, even spilling over onto outerwear.

The futuristic colours of white, grey and silver are at the front and centre of this collection while darker tones, such as violet, deep green and neon blue, recall the depth of the galaxies. Of street style inspiration, the herringbone motif of outerwear garments teams up with contrasting iridescent fabrics, floral motifs and logoed graphic designs. Fabrics sport lurex inserts while skirts favour tiny pleats as the sheen of lime and amethyst-coloured satins regale lightness and movement.

Men’s garments light up with silver coatings while iridescent reflections and trims add a touch of glamour. Metallic finishes, hints of neon and trims inspired by the space-age style meld harmoniously with garments belonging to a casual street-style concept. The sporty world is represented by the addition of technical details, comprising logoed zip fasteners, head-turning logos and personalized rubber zip-toggles with deeply embossed logos. Piles are back, along with pearl coated acetate and nylon. Black teams up with red and white to create typically sporty block colour solutions. Outfits retain the characteristic sporty touch and stake everything on an oversized fit typical of the nineties, to create hybrids between utility, tailored and street wear silhouettes.

Ice Play continues its commitment to sustainability with puffer jackets in eco feathers which ensure the same technical characteristics while embracing the “save the duck” concept. A denim package consisting of 4 pieces for men and women has been produced using washes in recycled water and laser fading treatments.

Jan 2020

Iceberg Pre-Fall 2020 Collection

(Milan, January 15th 2020) – From the vivid pink tailoring to the energy of grunge and punk the new ICEBERG pre-fall 2020 collection is a perfect fusion of different inspirations and influences, effortlessly mixed by Creative Director James Long to create the perfect balance of opposite.
New volumes and shapes - especially on sleeves - redefine the femminine attitude of the ICEBERG woman, able to mix military silhouettes with blue satin skirt; over down-jackets with dresses, a pink suit with a bucket hat in a new sophisticated way.

Black, forest green and pink are the main colors of the collection; while all over prints add new vibes to suits, and down jackets creating something unexpected.

The knitwear identity of ICEBERG is very strong in the collection with some of the most iconic character from Loonely Tunes like Tweety and Duffy Duck taking a modern vibe in a reflective blue degradé and forest green. All the characters are re-schetcked starting from the original drawings. The cartoon jumpers are matched with an army parka or with a blue skirts. Also a sherling jacquard coat releveal abstract cartoons in blue degradé, while prints and the ICEBERG logo become trippy on a knit dress or on a flower suit.

Informal tailoring meets luxury sportswear with ruching details while men’s reference are reinterpretated in a femminine way.
For the second chapter the ICEBERG Art Collection, a “capsule” into the pre-fall 2020 collection Long choose to reinterpretate the iconic artwork of the British artist Eddie Peake.
Following the layer by layer painting technique Peake, ICEBERG knitwear become real pieces of art melting the Italian craftsmanship with the lettering and bold and vivid colors of the artist.

The Rave! Rave! Rave! jumper is the unmissable piece, as the logo knitted dress with ICEBERG logo rewritten with the iconic “scotch” lettering of Peake.

The artpieces were mixed by Long in a new way with the encoragement of Peake, in a real four-hands work to create something new and unexpected.

Jan 2020

Fall/Winter 2020 Womenswear Collection

It takes courage to enjoy it
The hardcore and the gentle
Big time sensuality (Bjork)

ceberg presents the new Fall/Winter 2020 a contemporary luxury sporty, grungy and punk womenswear collection. The new season encapsulates the brand’s world: knitwear first of all, as well as outerwear with diamond-shaped quilting, the skilful mix and match of fabrics, all those details that define luxury sportswear and the cartoon influence.
The undisputed star of this collection is the brand’s knitwear expertise. Technical three-dimensional knitwear, glossy, luxurious and meticulously designed. Macramé angora, fluffy mohair and wet-look sequins on relaxed, comfy silhouettes. Slanting geometric patterns play with the diagonal maxi sports shapes.
The diamond quilting, marked by small “I”s, of the cocoon bomber jackets and fitted tailored knitted coats, flows from the tops and ends on the super-slim midi skirts.
New shapes for jackets, knitted corsets, trousers and also asymmetrical dresses, define a new femininity. Short blazers, masculine trousers with a cube lettering print. Lace and tulle, embroidered, mixed and overlaid, create a more evening, clubby feel.
The Jetsons, are incorporated on the iconic sweaters, made with double effect embossed diamond stitching and balloon sleeves. “I need my space” and “out of this world” adorn the signature knits ironic and humours simultaneously. Textured fabrics such jacquard cady + scuba, embellished with lurex, including a split version, make every single outfit shine.
A tailored piumino over coat and elongated knitwear are adorned with the collage mash up work of close friend and colaborator contemporary British artist, Eddie Peake.
Accessories: earmuffs in faux fur, hats, gloves in quilted nylon and lurex socks. Sporty boots and puffy bag.
Frosted silver and pure galactic whites are juxtaposed with the black and gold of wild techno parties. Military green and acid green, red and pink.
James Long, the label’s Creative Director, has designed a collection which references the brand iconic clothes that bringing it up to date, combining the hallmarks of a historic Made in Italy brand with pure London spirit.

Sep 2019

Ice Play Spring-Summer 2020


I maxi-abiti “i” in tulle stampato vestono le sirene di ICEBERG, portandole sulla terraferma, mentre l’acqua del mare continua a luccicare sopra le scaglie opalescenti dei pantaloni rivestiti di paillettes.

The style evolution of Ice Play brings the brand towards the discovery of natural landscape. The city wanderer of the SS 2020 collection looks at a new scenario, the Sahara with its sinuous dunes, intense and brilliant colours of the sunsets but also soft and sandy hues that bring a luxurious feel to casualwear.

The distinctive urban appeal of Ice Play and sporty items are mixed with more sophisticated pieces such as a more contemporary wrap skirt, neon accents and logo tape details brighten up easy-to-wear chinos. The silhouettes are soft and clean like those of the dunes and the graphics portrays the intensity of the wild landscape. The natural colours of desert also meet the cold hues of the oceans and the of sky creating an airy and fresh contrast.

Vacation-ready pieces include a pair of stripes fringed shorts, exotic python printed shirts, 90’s inspired sweaters with grunge feel. Safari style logoed shirts, lightweight bicolor jackets and trousers with technical details refresh transitional Spring looks.

A sporty couture with a playful touch characterized by 3 key elements - colour, wild nature references and vibrant styles perfect for the youngest cosmopolitan crews.


Sep 2019

Iceberg Spring-Summer 2020 Women's Collection

(Milan, September 20 th ) – The fairy tale continues in Creative Director James Long’s celebration of women, taking inspiration from the poem Warning by Jenny Joseph . SS20 brings with it a feeling of lightness matched with a female confidence that comes from being comfortable in your own skin
una grinta tutta femminile, quella di una donna che si sente perfettamente a suo agio con sé stessa.

An “i” tulle print maxi dresses take our Sylph muse from sea to land, glistening like water over opalescent fish scale sequin trousers. White armed rash-guard dresses are elongate with soft pleated fin fronts or kept equally short, sporty and leggy in body con tulle again over sequin. Neon yellow luminescent accents cover white sports tailoring, the silhouette again softened by net.

Purple sequins cover single-breasted jacket and matching swim knickers or are worn with a tonal satin hoodie. A sporty synchronised swimmer dress wins the Gold.

The collection shows in the amazing location of Bagni Misteriosi, a restored pool of the Thirties in the heart of Milan. The models walk under the sound created by Siobhan Bell dj set and the live performance of British-Nigerian artists, the Queen of afro-beat, Tiwa Savage, presenting her new single “4999”.

ICEBERG grunge mermaid’s adventurous spirit plays out in a new “i ” hounds’ tooth where 2 pieces (a single breasted with narrow trousers classic suit or a Bermuda shorts an T surfer’s suit), a jacquard Lil Kim knitted swimsuit and tulles are a crash of red, pink and yellow worn with matching accessories. A classic ICEBERG cartoon sweater is nonchalantly layered.

Now almost fully submerged in the City, looks take on a tougher edge with shell pink fins on black and a black sequin swimsuit wornunder a tulle bomber. Her hair and make-up takes clues from architecture with graphics referenced from the design work of Zaha Hadid.

When I am an old woman I shall wear purple
With a red hat which doesn’t go and doesn’t suit me.
And I shall spend my pension on brandy and summer gloves
And satin sandals, and say we’ve no money for butter.
Warning by Jenny Joseph

Sep 2019

Iceberg Men's Collection Spring-Summer 2020

Going underground, going underground.
Well, let the boys all sing and let the boys all shout for tomorrow.

(London, June 8th – 2019) There is an air of positive rebellion at ICEBERG for Spring-Summer 2020 where youth tribes and cultures meet and combine in hyper colour and monochrome. Where, in the imagination of James Long, the Punks of Kings Road hang out with the Sloanes and Hoorays of Knightsbridge (the spiritual home of the original ICEBERG London store) and South Kensington Goths.

Proudly kicking-off with ICEBERG x PETER BLAKE* who’s instantly recognisable riot of pop-art graphics cover shirt and trouser full looks, mini dresses and easy knits. His seminal Babe Rainbow and Amerika artworks (a technically intricate sweater of bird’s-eye intarsia, jacquard and embroidery), hearts, rainbows and Mod target unify across clothes and accessories and are reflected in see-now-buy-now ICEBERG x Linda Farrow shades.

A boyish Rocker zipped sleeve jacket and matching bondage trousers flash and unzip to reveal the palest candy flesh pink for men and women. And, for those who prefer Bauhaus or Iggy crooning “I love your hair” in their headphones there are navy on navy sports tailoring with tonal shirts. Or black with black tracksuits and a chic, gender fluid take on fishnet comes in the form of vests and maxi skirts. Name belts, Vibram sole trainers, trouser legs, necks and ears are adorned and drip heavy with chains: Le Goth Sportif.

The high shine of a Mod “tonic” suit morphs into silver zip jackets, Bermuda shorts and bungee tied trousers. A tee shirt is bound tightly with the same integral ropes. For the ICEBERG woman Tonal Punky Flower orchids climb over chic tailoring in fluro primaries on white. Worn with crisp shirts and a matching tie she is the Mod in modern.

Colour blocked fluid maxi looks in satin, chiffon and crepes for her and Cupro wash-effect silk joggers and matching bomber in a soft turquoise for him. The Loony Tunes Drip all-over print is well, all over easy fit shirts, short shorts and sweaters. ICEBERG Bubble Writing in pink and silver or teal and mustard is a camouflage for urban warriors looking for their Promised Land.

*ICEBERG launches the first in a series of on-going collaborations under the banner: ICEBERG ART DENIM

Mar 2019

Missoni entrusts production of MMissoni to Gilmar.

Starting with the SS2019 collection, Gilmar will become the manufacturer for MMissoni, a line which today has a turnover of € 50 million and more than 700 points of sale. According to Missoni’s press release, the decision to bring the line in-house is born from the desire to create a clear distinction of the line’s style and positioning and to implement a more effective coordination strategy for communications activities, as well as the opportunity to establish important synergies in various markets and to further develop the general product offering, specifically the introduction of a line of bags and small leather goods.
The growth drivers for this project are represented in the implementation of direct retail, the launch of an e-commerce site and the development of the wholesale channel and markets in the Far East.
Missoni has chosen Gilmar as its production partner for this project because of its solid production structure, excellent production quality and know-how in the knitwear sector.

Jan 2019

Iceberg Fall-Winter 2019 Collection

For PRE-FALL 2019 Creative Director James Long takes the ICEBERG family with him to the Italian Alps.

A blizzard of crazy puzzle graphics slice across a classic twill shirt dress paired with a mash-up fair isle knit or are seen as a silky shirt layered over an acid green fine knit roll-neck – the graphics then doubled up on a brightly printed Piumini. A punk-grunge mini kilt in tartan is inlaid with logos, tied with a studded belt and topped with the iconic ICEBERG crew. Alternatively stand out on the slopes in lustrous ICEBERG red total looks consisting of a coat, jumpers, joggers and accessories.

Apres ski is sporty yet sophisticated with sparkling sequins drifting over jacquards, jackets and 2 piece sets.

For the ICEBERG woman more adept at climbing the corporate ladder there are new tailored pieces in technical fabrics with logo go-faster stripes or stripes which cross slalom like in red and white on navy relaxed trouser shapes and fluid high split dresses. Low key black on black tailoring mixes matt with shine and optic piping.

A tone on tone bandana print patchworks tartan shirts and oversized shirt dresses or glows on a tie neck ladylike blouse worn with matching trousers. Embroidered and glossed bandana denims hang tough with shrugged on hand drawn punk-ski Mickey oversized cardigans knitted to suggest being well-loved and much worn. Jeans are high waisted, trucker jackets are borrowed from the boys but a strapless denim dress remains demure with an integral poplin shirt.

New accessories include a knitted ankle boot with mountaineer laces, nylon gaiters, a smaller ICEBERG tote in glassy leathers and a knit strap marsupial. Colours are pop culture bright: green, red, yellow and blue calmed by navy and black.

Jan 2019

Ice Play Autumn-Winter 2019: the true soul of New York

A skyride above the Manhattan rooftops. See the Empire State Building, Rockefeller Center and Midtown skyscrapers light up. Relive US legend along the busy arteries of New York, while beams of neon light illuminate the night sky. Urban appeal and street style for ICE PLAY FW 2019.
New graphic proposals for luxury sportswear that finds strong inspiration on the streets of major international cities, expressions of decidedly diverse styles and trends.
Skinny pants, maxi shorts, knitwear, turtlenecks, hooded sweatshirts, mini dresses, puffers, parkas and faux fur jackets. Prints, fit and dynamic cuts. Mixed colours, with neon and acid green accents. Maxi logos, logoed ribbon and contrasting drawstring..
Hyper-styling and overlays. Technical and innovative fabrics for a cosmopolitan crew, cool and irreverent that attacks life with a sequence of high-vis outfits. A fluid, contemporary wardrobe, made up of fun, interchangeable, detail-rich garments.
Everyday, ICE PLAY!

Oct 2018

Vivetta joins the Gilmar group

Milan, 18th October – Starting from the Fall/Winter 2019/20 collection, the Gilmar Group has signed a licensing agreement with Vivetta brand for the development, production, and distribution of its ready-to-wear clothing line.

The debut will take place with the PreFall 2019 collection, followed by the main collection that will show next February during Milan Fashion Week.

Paolo Gerani, CEO of Gilmar, stated: “We are proud to begin this new relationship of international development and growth with a unique designer that has succeeded, in a very short time, in creating a brand which is highly admired by the press, buyers, international celebrities, and consumers.”

This new addition further strengthens the Gilmar Group, a 100% Italian entity still run by the founding family, which, since 1959, has specialised in the production and sale of its own and licensed brands, with a different market position that ranges from luxury prêt-à-porter to “contemporary” attire.

“I am very happy to have entrusted my brand to a historic group like Gilmar, the perfect partner with whom to grow commercially and explore new international markets. This synergy will open the doors to new and important future projects, which will contribute to strengthening the brand’s image,” says Vivetta Ponti, designer of Vivetta.

Sep 2018

Iceberg Spring-Summer 2019 collection

(Milan, September 21st) –The area of Emilia Romagna, where ICEBERG originated and is still based, is the centre of racing. The adrenaline rush of fast cars, boats and motorbikes, becomes part of the daily lifestyle.

Creative Director James Long takes inspiration from this Italian Motor City, crashing textures and fabrics together, fusing them with ICEBERG’s renowned high-spec techniques. Skirts are a car-kit of logo print twill and lacquered sequin panels. Piped dynamic lines and zip racetrack routes spiral full looks and twist the necks of optic white poplin shirting.

The high-gloss paintwork of a black vintage 1957 Jaguar translates to epoxy mimicking sequined full looks topped with go-faster logoed stripes in enamel colours. The catalyst for the colour pallet is from the Gerani family owned vintage car collection and a motorbike selection curated by “Ruote Da Sogno. The Red of a Lancia. Silver from a Porsche and the Light Green of an Alfa Romeo.

Classic cars:
Lancia B24 (1955), Lancia Astura (1939), Fiat 500 (1963), Porsche 356 (1958), Alfa Romeo Giuletta Spring Speciale (1961), Jaguar (1957), Maserati (1956)

Sandali sport gladiator e stringati biker boot, sfrecciano per la città. I campioni ICEBERG, alla guida di auto e moto super potenti (come l’esclusiva MV Augusta 750 America del 1975 costruita per il leggendario campione del mondo italiano Giacomo Agostini), tagliano il traguardo e trionfano, salendo sul gradino più alto del podio dello stile.

Laverda 750 (1971), Kawasaki 500 Mach II (1973), Ducati 250 Scrambler (1971), Norton Max (1957), Triumph 120 R Boneville (1970) Kawasaki HIB 500 (1972), MV Agusta 750 America (1975).

GM/PR Consulting
Via Melzi D’Eril, 29
20154, Milan
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21, Via Sant’Andrea
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Hôtel de la Salle
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Jun 2018

London Fashion Show | Spring Summer 19

ICEBERG hit London with Creative Director James Long’s remix of iconic technical knits in modern casual silhouettes: an ode to the past with a vision of the future.

Pillaging the Trophy Room at ICEBERG’s head office James fuses an Italian love of F1 with Italo pop while giving it an energetic, dance meets football London attitude where the cartoon is King, the logo is Queen and everyone is part of the winning team. Deep-fried glitched graphics are a new, often hand drawn or collaged take on Peanuts, Joe Cool and tone on tone logos.

Triple printed denim looks sparkle and plastic-coated gloss knit ICEBERG logos dazzle opponents off the sports arena. Football shirts affiliate you with Milan, London or New York.

A tailored jacket made easy with snap fastenings for both men and women worn over a classic white shirt with a discreet self-colour logo woven into the fabric. Warhol flowers dance across satins and 3D knit.

High energy sports drink colours of blue, green, yellow, pink and red shout Viva Italia as the squad walk straight off the catwalk and onto The Strand, passing by Somerset House, Trafalgar Square and ending at Piccadilly in a positive act of rebellion.v

Mar 2018

Street Fashion Show | introducing the FW18 collections

Taking clues from iconic ICEBERG ad campaigns Creative Director James Long cut ‘n’ shuts knit, musical eras and key points within ICEBERG’s history to make a collection filled with attitude: “I’m fresh I don’t need to impress”.

Made in Italy but with a London spirit the ICEBERG family comes alive on the catwalk in an explosion of youthful energy and colour. Mixing fabrics, a classic parka blazes with plasticised knit logos, an overcoat exits with a new Mickey Mouse graphic while full knitted looks sparkle with sequins.

Intarsia multi logo down jackets have structured sleeves, leather is studded, double denim, jacquards and hand knit jumpers are three or more graphics sliced into the one garment.

Sneakers, sock trainers and hiking shoes with contrast laces are perfect for pounding the city scape. Stiff ICEBERG shoppers in pop colours push you through the crowds as you strut your own personal catwalk.

The public show (happening directly after the main catwalk presentation) was inspired by this idea of making the city your own. Models walk between via Sant’Andrea, via Montenapoleone, Piazza San Babila, Piazza Duomo, Piazza Castello and Piazza XXV Aprile, through all the iconic symbols of Milan dressed in ICEBERG the iconic symbol of positive rebellion.

Feb 2018

Ice Play | Sassy, Fresh and Colourful AD campaign SS 2018

Elodie Di Patrizi and Stefano De Martino are the faces for the new spring/summer advertising campaign for ICE PLAY.

Fashion and music.

These two artists are the ideal endorsements of a partnership that perfectly embodies the unique, decisive style of this collection.

A pop-street attitude for sportswear with strong contemporary urban inspiration.

Dynamic shots, an absolute explosion of vitality and colours an absolute explosion of vitality and colours that are the maximum expression of all this brand’s energy.

Boldly and intensely ICE PLAY

Feb 2018

Iceberg | Vic Mensa and Sita Abellan the Stars of the SS18 advertising campaign

Music beats in the heart of Iceberg. The rapper Vic Mensa is the “rebel angel” and the techno-princess model Sita Abellan, set the rhythm of the new SS18 campaign. Striking images. Once again the young American photographer Samuel Trotter shots – indoor and outdoor – a series of portraits in black & white or color.

Chicago is the new creative hub. On the background an urban landscape made of infinite highways and suspension bridges. It’s a story of cool images and street style made of knitwear, bikers, trousers, logo jackets, destroyed denim and, rainbow lurex.
James Long, creative director of the brand, perfectly translates the work of Jean-Charles de Castelbajac into a modern version, presenting a superbly stylish and eclectic collection.
The result? A luxury streetwear collection with a 100% POP spirit and a playful and colourful attitude.

Sep 2017

Ice Play | the new FW 2017/18 AD campaign Easy, Fresh and Playful

Elodie Di Patrizi and Stefano De Martino are the new testimonials of the new FW 2017/18 ICE PLAY AD campaign. Fashion and Art, a perfect bond that refers to the DNA of the Maison Iceberg.
A dynamic lineup and a vibrant colours palette Sporty attitude, pop art, animal prints and Pac-Man graphics create a kaleidoscopic effect.
An injection of energy and an explosion of colours for a strong, urban and contemporary sportswear.
ICE PLAY: Italian heart, POP spirit and constant creative research.

Dec 2016

Iceberg launches an innovative advertising campaign, integrated with the social world, with Sarah Snyder and Luka Sabbat as brand ambassador and stylists.

December 1st 2016 – After presenting the capsule collection with prestigious New York retailer Kith by Ronnie Fieg, Iceberg follows through its project with the launch of a new communication campaign based on the concept of fearlessly creative. The revolutionary new advertising campaign for S/S 2017 will star two top models and key influencers: Sarah Snyder, model and irreverent socialite, and Luka Sabbat, famous model, digital editor and stylist.

Produced entirely in New York, the campaign sees Sarah and Luka taking an active part, not only in the creation of looks as stylists, but snapping shots as photographers of themselves. Digital cameras in hand, the models contributed to the photo shoot interacting spontaneously with each other, just as they usually do in their real and “digital” lives. This concept inspired by the era of social media, immediately goes viral thanks to posts shared on line by Sarah and Luka, during the shoot. The campaign will also include plenty of Instagram stories shared on the net, telling the story of the world of Iceberg. A new interpretation of the Iceberg soul: fearlessly creative

Jul 2016

Iceberg Fall/Winter 2016/17 AD Campaign

Meet the Models! Charlie Kennedy, Ewa Wladymiruk, Henry Kitcher, Jena Goldsack, and Rio Allison are the protagonist of the Iceberg Fall/Winter 2016/17 Ad Campaign, shot by Ben Weller and styled by Luke Day. Pop influences rule, with colourful sporty pieces and graphic icons revisited such as Mickey Mouse.

Nov 2015

James Long is appointed creative director of Iceberg menswear

Gilmar Group announces the appointment of London based designer James Long to the position of Creative Director for the Iceberg menswear line.

Renowned for his provocative yet wearable designs, combining an eye for style with meticulous attention to detail, James has become a cornerstone of the booming London menswear scene following his runway debut for Autumn/Winter 2008.

“The sportswear aesthetic, the innovative approach to knitwear, the passion for prints and the employ of technical fabrics, make James Long the right creative director of Iceberg menswear collection, interpreting the DNA of the brand, made of handcrafting, research, knitwear, bold colours and playfulness; always respecting the Made in Italy” says Paolo Gerani, CEO of Gilmar Group.

James Long’s Autumn/Winter 2016 collection for Iceberg menswear will be revealed during Milan Fashion Week in January 2016. James will continue to show his eponymous line at London Collections: Men.

Jun 2015

Iceberg: Arthur Arbesser assumes creative direction of the Women’s line

Milan (Italy), June 2015 – Gilmar announces that as of the spring/summer 2016 collection Arthur Arbesser will be the new designer head of creative direction for the Iceberg womenswear line.
A 33-year-old Austrian who lives and works in Milan, Arbesser is currently one of the most interesting young talents on the Italian fashion scene.
The designer launched his signature line in 2013, promptly winning the “Who’s On Next?” award. In May 2015 he was named a finalist for the prestigious LVMH-Prize. In september 2015 his own line will make its catwalk debut during Milan Fashion Week.

“The Iceberg brand has always made a mark for cutting-edge research, the creation of new trends and the scouting of young creatives. Arthur epitomizes both the brand’s DNA and fine Italian craftsmanship, all in one” says Paolo Gerani.

“Iceberg” says Arthur Arbesser “stands for color, graphics, quality and irony, which are all characteristics I share as well. I’m honored to continue the beautiful 40 year long story of this iconic Italian brand.”

The first appointment on Arthur Arbesser’s calendar for Iceberg will be the women’s fashion show in September.

Jan 2015

Iceberg SS15 ADV campaign – Downtown Gallery


Downtown Gallery is the new advertising campaign by Iceberg: 22 Polaroids, taken by Olivier Zahm to celebrate 40 years of the brand and its history, that has always been close to the art world. The campaign stars 12 faces of Downtown New York, wearing both Spring-Summer 2015 collection and historical pieces, true works of art from the archive of the brand.

In 1974 the brand Iceberg was founded thanks to Jean-Charles de Castelbajac, the first historical designer of the brand.

Paolo Gerani, CEO of the Gilmar group, said: “Downtown Gallery is our new communication project that pays tribute to my family and to Jean-Charles de Castelbajac, art-directed by Olivier Zahm, editor in chief and founder of Purple Magazine. Olivier cleverly interpreted the historical dialogue between Iceberg and the world of culture and art, as at first Oliviero Toscani did in I Contemporanei campaigns (1980-1986) with a gallery of characters including Andy Warhol, Vivienne Westwood, Franco Moschino, Ettore Sottsass, Elio Fiorucci, and as Steven Meisel did later on in the Gente di oggi campaigns (1993 – 1996) with Farrah Fawcett, Sofia Coppola, Iggy Pop and Isabella Rossellini.”

Olivier Zahm wanted to follow up on those historical campaigns, continuing the dialogue with the creativity and art world. “We went straight to the source, Downtown New York, which originally inspired the designer and founder Jean-Charles de Castelbajac, who used to collaborate with Andy Warhol and its Factory. We therefore decided to photograph some vintage iconic pieces from the 70’s together with the new Spring-Summer 2015 collection, in order to tell the story of 40 years history of the brand through iconic faces of today’s New York” says Olivier Zahm.

Inspired by Andy Warhol’s 70s Polaroids, Zahm has used an old Mamiya Press Universal to take portraits of 12 characters, including emerging and historical icons of the world of music, art, photography and entertainment. Thus Zahm portrayed, in addition to himself, musician Donald Cumming and his partner, actress Georgia Ford, journalist and writer Glenn O’Brien, the legendary founder of Sonic Youth Kim Gordon, artist Olaf Breuning, Stella Schnabel, photographer Sandy Kim, artist Rita Ackermann, journalist Karley Sciortino, rapper and performer Mykki Blanco and painter Jeanette Hayes.

Each character has also become the star of a short video in which he or she is filmed in silence just like Andy Warhol used to do in his famous Screen Tests.

The result, “Downtown Gallery”, is a timeless campaign that best expresses the contemporary approach of the brand and its hallmark link with the world of creativity.


Photography: Olivier Zahm, Gianni Oprandi

Art Direction: Olivier Zahm, Gianni Oprandi

Styling: Caroline Gaimari

Video: Julien Carlier & Aurelien Heilbronn

Hair: Jimmy Paul c/o Susan Price

Make-up: Kristin Gallegos c/o The Wall Group

Oct 2014

Gilmar presents Gilmar Box

Virtual version of a continuously growing business, Gilmar online outlet offers a wide range of past menswear and womenswear collections of Iceberg and Ice Iceberg, in-house brands, and of N°21, Frankie Morello and Brooksfield, trademarks distributed by the group.

From high-end ready-to-wear to youth fashion lines, the wide choice of products and the quality of a careful and devoted service makes the shopping experience on Gilmar Box unique and exclusive.

Always seeking for innovation in terms of style, technology and communication, the fashion online outlet GILMAR BOX has a structure which provides a user-friendly and multi device experience and makes easier social networks sharing..

Scopri Gilmar Box

Dec 2013

2013 Dec

A traveller, as it is the prerogative of all islanders, prone to the cultural mismatch of the sons of a land where different influences mingled over the centuries, merging into a rugged and layered heritage, Fausto Puglisi, born in Messina, Sicily, began his career in the USA. A passion for image- making and an appreciation for the precision of tailoring, combined with the urge to prove himself despite the difficulties, took him overseas, armed only with enthusiasm and classical studies. In New York, his work was soon appreciated and photographed by renowned stylists and image-makers. He shortly entered a virtuous circle, creating costumes for celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez and Whitney Houston, and selling his collection – a bunch of iconic separates – to Maxfield store in Los Angeles after winning the interest of Sarah Stewart. Other shops followed swiftly, but the real turning point occurred elsewhere: in Italy, in 2010, when Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana involved him in the innovative project Spiga 2.

Having his line displayed in the Milano concept store gave momentum: a fashion house made of eroticism and energy was born. The style credo is maximalist with minimalist dryness, or rather, minimalist with a maximal tingle. The perfection of the tailoring soon attracted the media: while making clothes for real women in Milano, Fausto Puglisi became part of the global showbiz scene. He has created the costumes for Nicki Minaj and M.I.A. at Madonna’s Super Bowl halftime show in 2012, for example. In the same year, he has been appointed artistic director of the maison Ungaro, debuting in Paris in March 2013. In October 2013, for the first time, his namesake collection was presented with a catwalk show in Milano.

The Apollonian and the Dionysian, excess and purity meet in a graphic bacchanal in the work of Fausto Puglisi. His style combines opposing elements in a tense harmony: baroque opulence and inexorable rhythm of optical art; sex appeal and severity; heroism and stardom; shyness and boldness. Omnivorous, Puglisi chases a timeless and ageless ideal of beauty as character, fusing opposite impulses in an incisive trait.

Fausto Puglisi loves hyperboles because he avoids compromises. The dry, masculine touch brings femininity to an nth, in a short- circuit in which sexual electricity does not exclude absolute aplomb. “Fashion as desire” is his message: glossy, yet visceral.

Dec 2013

2013 December


Gilmar Group and Paolo Pecora announce an exclusive worldwide license agreement for the production and distribution of the Paolo Pecora menswear line.

The partnership marks a symbolic union between two leading names in the realm of premium knitwear, for both companies share a propensity for innovation, quality and research.
Adding to the high international profile of the project is a keen attention to marketing, merchandising and organization.

Starting with the fall/winter 2014-2015 season, the new collection will be available for sale at all Gilmar showrooms and by select agents and distributors. Also, it will make an exciting fashion debut at the January 2014 edition of the Pitti Immagine Uomo tradeshow in Florence.

“We are proud to participate in the new global launch and development of a brand that we’ve been following from close-up for some time,” says Gilmar CEO Paolo Gerani. “In particular we are impressed by the artful way it gives men’s clothing a smart contemporary twist.”
“For a brand such as ours, originally all about knits, this agreement coincides with a fresh beginning, the embarking on a new and important stage in our evolution,” comments Paolo Pecora. “Gilmar is surely one of the best in the Italian fashion industry, fully able to offer partners all the know-how, technological and otherwise, necessary for innovating production processes and heightening product quality.”

Dec 2013

Iceberg and Mantero Seta sign new license agreement

Iceberg and Mantero Seta have signed a license agreement entrusting to the prominent Como-based silk weaving company the exclusive production and worldwide distribution of the Iceberg women’s textile accessories lines.

The partnership will begin effectively with the Iceberg Fall/Winter 2014/2015 women’s collection.
Innovation and tradition intersect at a time of great creative impetus for Iceberg. Now the fresh energy marking the new collections will also benefit from Mantero Seta’s solid experience and outstanding product quality.

This alliance between leading names in the spheres of knits and silks, respectively, will serve to enhance the value of the all-important “Made in Italy” factor with the aim of impacting the international fashion scene and meeting the demands of emerging markets.

Mantero is a family-run company established in Como (Italy) in 1902 by Riccardo Mantero. With more than a century of history, including the succession of four generations at the helm, the famous Italian silk weaver is now a modern integrated company with a solid organizational structure.

An undisputed leader in the creation, production and distribution of fabrics and textile accessories for men and women, it places the products under license on the market through its own branch offices abroad as well as through an extensive network of sales agents and distributors.

Nov 2013

N°21 launches its first men’s collection designer by Alessandro Dell’Acqua

Milan, 7th November 2013

Produced and distributed by GILMAR, the men’s collection is the natural evolution of N°21 world with well-defined style code.

N°21 men’s collection will be composed by 21 looks those which represent the perfect male wardrobe according to Alessandro dell’Acqua.
N°21 men’s collection will follow the same distribution as covered by the women’s collections, with the initial goal of reaching the most important multi-brand stores in Europe, America, Asia, the Middle East, as well as the best e-commerce.

“I’m excited about this new project, a key step in the growth and development of my brand.” said Alessandro Dell’Acqua founder and Creative Director of N°21.

Sep 2013

Iceberg: Alexis Martial takes over creative direction of the Iceberg women’s line

Milan, 20 September 2013

The year 2014 has every prospect of being a hallmark one for Iceberg. Thanks to a repositioning of both product and image on all international markets, it will mark a turning point at a time of deep change for the entire fashion system.

Forty years after the brand’s launch, Iceberg is heading in a fresh direction with a new designer – Alexis Martial, young Parisian talent who boasts solid experience at Alexander McQueen, Givenchy and Paco Rabanne – as the creative force behind the women’s line and with the supervision of all projects fully in the hands of Paolo Gerani, Gilmar Group CEO.

Created in 1974 by Jean Charles de Castelbajac and Giuliana Marchini Gerani, Iceberg is a prominent Italian brand with a rich heritage and a strong luxury sportswear orientation.

The concept of fashion knitwear set the stage for the extraordinary communication strategy masterminded by photographer Oliviero Toscani with his famous “I Contemporanei” ad campaign where leading personalities from the worlds of art, sports and design captured attention in sweaters that were expressions of Pop Art experimentation conducted by Jean Charles de Castelbajac together with company founders Giuliana Marchini and husband Silvano Gerani.

“No nostalgia. Rather, we are moving keenly forward in the spirit of always toward contemporariness, creative imagination, above all with the sense of speed, freshness and wealth typical of Italian fashion,” Alexis Martial explains.

Here today on September 20th 2013 with the spring-summer 2014 collection Alexis Martial makes his debut as the creative director of Iceberg womenswear.

Jun 2013

Federico Curradi creative director of Iceberg menswear

Milan, 23 June 2013

Gilmar appoints Federico Curradi Creative Director of Iceberg
menswear, starting from the spring-summer 2014 season.

“It is a great honor for me to assume the role of Creative Director at Iceberg and to work
for one of the world’s leading fashion companies. My goal will be to offer a fresh slant
on the DNA of a brand that played a major part in introducing an upper sport style, the
concept of luxury casual wear, on the market. I will work by Paolo Gerani’s side, under
his Artistic Direction,” Federico Curradi enthuses.

Paolo Gerani, Gilmar CEO and Artistic Director, says: “This is a momentous occasion for
our company, one marking a time of change because never before in our history have
we named someone Creative Director of our brand. There’s a remarkable creative
affinity between Federico Curradi and me.”

Federico Curradi, 37, is a Florentine who gained valuable experience working for the
houses of Ermanno Scervino and Roberto Cavalli, making keen use of fine Italian
craftsmanship and aggressive American marketing know-how.

Apr 2013

“Breaking The Ice – Iceberg by Yi Zhou” A unique Capsule collection

Iceberg, a Gilmar Group house brand, will begin launching Breaking the Ice – Iceberg by Yi Zhou in late June. A unique and special capsule collection designed by Yi Zhou, it’s an exquisitely Italian project under the creative direction of this young and talented Chinese artist.

The idea came from Yi Zhou’s rewarding encounter with Paolo Gerani, Artistic Director of the Iceberg brand. Basically, the Chinese artist would lend her talents to Made in Italy quality, craftsmanship and know-how, while China would become an outstanding example of creative design and no longer mere world capital of low-cost manufacturing.
Yi Zhou decided to have Iceberg produce clothes and accessories that will draw on her eccentric personal aesthetic and on her childhood experience of living in Italy, where she acquired a deep appreciation for Italian elegance and style.
Ultimately, Breaking the Ice – Iceberg by Yi Zhou will consist of men’s and women’s sportswear items that reflect in full the DNA of a brand famous across the globe for having given new definition to the genre.
The world premiere of this innovative iconic Iceberg collection by Yi Zhou will take place in July 2013 during a major multimedia event in Hong Kong.

Gilmar CEO/Artistic Director Paolo Gerani explains: “Yi Zhou is a woman with European sensibilities and a wonderfully fresh, effervescent sense of aesthetics. We set this project in motion as a way of inverting the current tendency to see the Chinese mainland solely as an enormous manufacturing center. China has other greater and richer potential, putting pure intelligence and sense of style to use in the design and development of Italian made products. It’s proof that artistic inspiration can be nationally neutral and that the industrial base in Italy in the clothing & textile sector can afford to speak any creative language, bring to life – in premium form – whatever type of fashion vision.”
Yi Zhou says: “As a Chinese artist I am very happy and honored to have been chosen to create a capsule collection for an Italian luxury brand. The project represents a whole new experience for me in that I am a multimedia artist by training and profession. Now the challenge is to stretch my abilities in the role of fashion designer. This is the first time that a Chinese finds herself in the position of ideating a complete collection, from clothes to matching accessories, all the way to the launch event/art installation and the relative window displays in all Iceberg stores. A 360° project, it’s a real opportunity for me and for Chinese artists of the new generation.”

Jan 2012


Yet the Gilmar story also involves the discovery of new young talents and the manufacturing of major brands under license, such as Marc by Marc Jacobs, Giambattista Valli and, starting with the spring/summer 2013 collection, N°21 designed by Alessandro Dell’Acqua (with whom the company signed a five-year contract). Frankie Morello, the smart and sassy menswear line by design duo Maurizio Modica and Pierfrancesco Gigliotti that debuted in 1999, is another Gilmar license brand, one which since spring/summer 2004 has included a women’s line (distributed by Gilmar as of 2005).
A further result of years of scouting is Brooksfield, a brand now in the Gilmar portfolio that back in the 1980s captured worldwide attention thanks to the contemporary appeal of an easy Anglo-American casual chic style.

Jan 2006


Always moving forward, they later drew upon the spirit and strategy behind the main line to talk to the new generations by launching, with the collection for fall/winter 2006-2007, the youth-oriented Ice Iceberg brand..

Jan 1985


The process also included a series of new buildings, starting with a two-story family villa/workshop where the latest Gilmar designs intermingled with the toys of daughter Patrizia and son Paolo who by then had come along, and where the children’s bedrooms initially served also as stockrooms. Eventually they constructed a warehouse out back, but in no time that too became insufficient. Due to local urban planning regulations, any further expansion would first entail demolishing the family home which for Giuliana’s father represented forty years of hard work. While sad about it, Luigi went along with the move for he realized that company development depended on it. To be sure, booming business led in 1985 to the creation of a state-of-the-art industrial hub in San Giovanni in Marignano.
The place is an impressive production/logistics center where thanks to the seamless merging of tradition and technology fine craftsmanship takes on an exquisitely contemporary connotation. The secret lies in the fact that all computer input re pattern making and size development, in addition to Gilmar’s famous graphic prints and embroideries, is the work of man and his at once invaluable and inexhaustible creativity. This 45,000-sqm structure holds the mind and heart of the company, in particular the styling, prototype, quality control and shipping departments. The customer warehouse, with a precision-perfect carousel system, can accommodate up to 250,000 garments. The idea for it came from Silvano Gerani, who after seeing a similar one at a Volkswagen plant in Germany figured that if it worked so well for auto parts it could surely do the job for clothes too. Ever in charge of business organization, real-estate expansion and production management for the family company, Silvano Gerani had a custom carousel system installed complete with in-house staff of technicians to ensure smooth operating at all times.

Jan 1974



Born in 1974, Iceberg became a byword for a dynamic fashion-forward vision with a fresh American Pop Art slant (art genre of which the Geranis are avid collectors). This vision comes through in the wide range of products – from watches to shoes, childrenswear to homewear, all the way to exclusive mineral waters – that over the span of nearly forty years Iceberg has created thanks to a keen brand extension strategy. Originally ideated to meet changing consumer tastes and needs in the aftermath of the late 1960s sociocultural revolution, Iceberg evolved into the true force of a highly autonomous quick-response company still 100% controlled by the founding family. Specifically, Silvano Gerani is chairman, Paolo Chief Executive Officer, while Giuliana and Patrizia are both active as members of the board and in creative spheres of the business.

Jan 1964


So, in 1964 on Via Mancini in downtown Cattolica they opened Boutique Luciano, basically the first stand-alone Gilmar retail store. Visionary decisions such as this one contributed significantly to the company’s growth.

Jan 1959



In 1959 a new name appeared on the Italian Registry of Artisanal Businesses: Gilmar, acronym for Giuliana Marchini. The three original shareholders (Giuliana, her brother Luciano and her husband Silvano Gerani) each had a one third interest in the company.