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March 2021


Rarefied atmospheres, calm nuances, soft textures are the main ingredients of the new ICEBERG Knitwear Utopia Capsule Collection.

The brand thus celebrates its heritage by offering a vast range of tricot garments in natural colours, the mood of the collection merges the Italian manufacturing tradition with the need to rethink everyday life. Maxi cardigans, enveloping coats, fluffy pullovers and comfortable sweatshirts give life to exclusive luxury loungewear capable of combining coolness and relaxation.

“I thought of a complete wardrobe, made up of clothes that adapt to every moment of the day, from morning to evening. Garments designed for a contemporary woman attentive to attention to detail, immersed in a different, less chaotic reality. The usual pop colors of ICEBERG are toned down in favor of an essential palette to escape from reality and dive into a parallel universe stitched onto the skin." – explains creative director James Long.

This capsule takes inspiration from the autumn/winter 2020 collection, unfortunately shelved with the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic. It is from here that this new 100% knitwear project comes to life, a stylistic reaction to the new everyday life.

Unveiled during the latest digital edition of Milano Moda Donna, ICEBERG Knitwear Utopia contains the cornerstones of the ICEBERG world, from logomania to graphic patterns reinvented in a soft key, an invitation to review the agenda in favor of a harmony marked by more silences and less noise. The presentation video emphasizes the new intentions by positioning the models in the center of regular environments with symmetrical lines. The sets follow the variation of the color palette which unfolds from white light gradually crossed by gray shades up to deep black at night.

Furthermore, the images and sound emphasize the quiet of spaces suspended between utopia and reality, just like Giorgio De Chirico's famous metaphysical squares.

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