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September 2019

(Milan, 20 September 2019) – The fairy tale continues: Creative Director James Long once again celebrates women, taking inspiration from the poem Warning by Jenny Joseph. The Spring/Summer 2020 collection is characterized by lightness, accompanied by an entirely feminine determination, that of a woman who feels perfectly at ease with herself.

The "i" maxi-dresses in printed tulle dress the ICEBERG mermaids, bringing them to the mainland, while the sea water continues to shimmer above the opalescent scales of the sequin-covered trousers.

The rash-guard style dresses with white sleeves lengthen into a soft pleated fin on the front, or opt for a short, sporty and slender cut taking up the overlap between tulle and sequins. The fluorescent yellow accents impose themselves on the white of the sportswear.

Purple sequins rain down on single-breasted jackets and matching swim briefs, a matching satin sweatshirt completes the outfit. Athletic outfit inspired by synchronized swimming wins gold medal.

The collection is staged in the wonderful setting of the Bagni Misteriosi, a historic seaside resort in the heart of Milan dating back to the 1930s and recently restored. The models parade to the tune of Siobhan Bell's DJ set, escorted by the live performance of the Anglo-Nigerian artist Tiwa Savage, the queen of Afrobeat, who presents her new single 49-99.

Animated by an adventurous spirit, the ICEBERG grunge siren comes in an alternative houndstooth to "i", where two elements (a classic single-breasted suit with narrow-legged trousers or a pair of Bermuda shorts and a surf wetsuit), a jacquard knitted swimsuit and the layers of tulle become a wave of red, pink and yellow, to be worn with coordinated accessories. ICEBERG's classic cartoon sweater slips nonchalantly between layers.

Completely submerged by the metropolis, the look dares even more by contrasting pale pink fins with dark black, or a swimsuit covered in black sequins with a tulle bomber jacket. The make-up and hairstyle wink at the graphics of Zaha Hadid's projects.

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