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September 2023

After the pre-fall 2023 Ice Play looks again to boundless Arctic landscapes for its fall/winter 2023 collection. This Italian brand draws inspiration from the vast expanses of ice populated by snow-white polar bears. A snow-covered vegetation and the sheen of marble stones meet the saturated colours of the fabulous northern lights. Intangible clouds and shades of crystallised water lend a magnetic appeal to the garments. The outfits mix casualwear and up-to-date looks in line with the latest trends for both men and womenswear.

Ice Play menswear focuses on knitwear with a wealth of fabulous textures. Knitted articles range from evergreen high-neck pullovers to sweaters with contrasting zips. Geometric patterns alternate with an experimental check print developed in a tie-dye version. For harsher temperatures, the puffer jacket proves to be the perfect ally, developed in optical white with a photographic print inspired by large glacier mammals or total black. Among the outerwear, nylon, wool or quilted coats in seasonal colours stand out. The check/tie-dye print is also replicated on shirts, hoodies and peacoats. Eco-sheepskin is the main player on a zipped jacket, one of the hero pieces in the collection. A wide range of sweatshirts combined with cargo and comfortable drawstring trousers complete the looks. Tees and polo shirts are perfect for the start of the season, decorated with ever new versions of the all-capital logo.

The Ice Play woman is chameleon-like and plays with reflective surfaces to shine in her own light. A shower of macro sequins illuminates daily garments such as sweater dresses and crop hoodies. At the same time, mini dresses are made of reflective metallic fabrics. One password says it all for fall-winter 2023: seduction. It is confirmed by tops with deep V-necks, mini skirts and knitted pullovers with strategic cuts. Pinstripe suits consisting of longuette or cigarette trousers are teamed with double-breasted blazers for top managers. Tie-dye prints are developed in candy colours, contrasting with marble and check patterns closer to gloomy winter skies in the mountains. Silhouettes know no half-measures, ranging from the oversize shapes of puff jackets to numerous stretch garments. White bears are the protagonists of go-anywhere garments: sweatshirts, padded jackets and the ever-present T-shirts. The more sporty articles, in green and lilac, nod the wink to the cult movie Flashdance; the sweatshirt and trousers combo in soft eco-teddy is a must-have for this season’s wardrobe.

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