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September 2020

ICE PLAY knows no limits. The contemporary brand by Gilmar has just signed an important agreement with Wanxuan Group for distribution in China. This well-known Asian company founded by Mr. Qiu Guodian has branches in Guyang, Xiamen and Shanghai. Partnership with ICE PLAY will begin with the men and women’s ready-to-wear and accessory collections for spring/summer 2021. The five-year deal also includes opening of more than 50 monobrand stores in China, as well as the development of a wholesale channel and launch on major e-commerce platforms. In parallel, a communication strategy will be followed through and flanked by a marketing plan that will support development of ICE PLAY business and brand awareness. Wanxuan Group boasts an important client portfolio of 13 international brands and no fewer than 126 monobrands in China. This company’s success is linked to its excellent use of market planning strategies, development of distribution channels and innovative business models. The agreement with this new partner is the first real Chinese retail initiative for ICE PLAY, until now selling in Italy, Russia and, gradually, in European countries.

“ICE PLAY perfectly express the cosmopolitan style of the new generations, a post-millennial target that recognises the moment’s trends and is constantly on the lookout for unusual stimuli. I thank Wanxuan Group for its valuable collaboration; this expansion project in China confirms the growing importance represented by ICE PLAY for Gilmar,” said the CEO of the Italian Group, Paolo Gerani.

“I am extremely proud to support the official ICE PLAY kick off in China. This brand perfectly meets current market requests and we will immediately be making every effort to achieve the goals set with Mr. Gerani,” adds Mr. Qiu Guodian, founder of Wanxuan Group.

“There was immediate rapport with Mr. Qiu Guodian. We share the same strategic approaches and together we will develop the potential of ICE PLAY in China”, was the final verdict from Corrado Masini, Global Brands Director di Gilmar.

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