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September 2020

The smell of salt, the sand between your fingers, the wind that ruffles your hair, the hypnotic sound of the waves. Ice Play's Spring-Summer 2021 collection contains all the iconic elements of beach holidays. Set off to rediscover yourself among timeless natural elements. Escape from everyday life, dive into a reality animated by new stimuli, new adventures and contagious laughter. An endless beach animated by surfing enthusiasts and expert divers, immersed underwater in search of marine wonders. The brand's DNA naturally approaches coastal landscapes. Street influences meet sportswear in a crescendo of references to the ocean. An immersion in the vibrant world of Ice Play made of colours, patterns and graphics with an unmistakable street inspiration.

The women's collection is a riot of fluorescent contrasts that recall the world of corals and the sinuosity of fish. Jellyfish float on the all-over prints, fish become the protagonists of details that include ruches, frappe, feathers and iridescent macro-sequins. The lines enhance the silhouettes through contrasting stitching and stitching. The logo is revisited thanks to new versions, among which the new IPY graphic version stands out. The materials used incorporate chine crepe and iridescent nylon alongside soft sponge-effect sweatshirts made inside out. The t-shirts are decorated with creatures of the deep, primarily multicolored jellyfish. The luminous seabed transmits a sensation of movement, perfectly reflecting the constant dynamism of the water. The palette manifests Ice Play's 'forever young' philosophy: fluorescent shades and pastel colours, graphic black and white, pool blues and the light blue of the sea. Legs are enhanced thanks to the new mini skirts, mini dresses and shorts. Maxi zip and drawstring create personalized fits. The collection bags reflect the guidelines, completing the outfits perfectly.

The male universe takes up the liveliness of the female one by drawing on an eclectic color palette; fluorescent orange alternates with natural and sandy colors reminiscent of shells, blue is combined with neon yellow, there is no shortage of black & graphic contrasts; white. The underwater world comes to life through tie-dye washes and clearly street-inspired marine prints for sweatshirts, jackets, shirts and the inevitable beachwear. The logo is lightened thanks to the vertical development and, as for women, the new IPY interpretation appears on jackets, contrasting zips and patterns. The sportswear garments are characterized by color contrasts, linear graphics and technical heat-taping. The zips are the gateway to the colorful interiors while the rubberized zip pullers become an unexpected decorative element.

Ice Play continues to underline its green commitment, as evidenced by the Denim Save the Water garments distinguished by a new tag. Zero Cotton garments are made up of 50% lyocel fiber and natural fiber that comes from wood, thus promoting water saving for cotton production. The nylon used for outerwear is 100% recycled.

Completing the Spring-Summer 2021 collection is the special collaboration with ACBC, an emerging brand of modular footwear thanks to the detachable uppers using a simple zip. The capsule includes two models, one more basic and the other focused on the sea depths, the common thread of the entire season. The plastic used is recycled from bottles recovered from the oceans, the packaging requires the use of a mesh bag.

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