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September 2021

ICEBERG, consolidates the collaboration with Kailand O. Morris, son of music legend Stevie Wonder and designer Kai Milla, with the launch of a second co-designed capsule collection.

The new capsule collection will be part of the brand's Spring-Summer 2022 collection by James Long and will focus on dualism and duality, through colors and deconstructions, tie-dye prints and logo sweaters.

“I felt it would be interesting to tamper with the garments, wear them, accessorize them and deconstruct them. The feel of this collection is to really allow the wearer to experiment with different ways they see clothes that suit their style. Colors have always been and will always be a great organic tool that I use in my toolbox”, Kailand said.

The capsule's color palette is made up of a diverse but monotonous range of blue tones, pink tones and green tones. The collection also includes special tone-on-tone washes and dip washes.  The artwork that accompanies the collection is composed of watercolor stains, curved pastel lines and completely hand-drawn paintings.

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