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January 2019

Winter holiday in the heart of the Italian Alps. For PRE-FALL 2019, James Long imagines an Après Ski collection, 100% ICEBERG but with a sophisticated twist: bright sequins slide over jacquards, while co-ord sets and outerwear contrast with pieces with a more sporty appeal.

Snowstorm print and puzzle graphic for the twill dress topped by a classic wool and silk cardigan combined with the acid green crew-neck sweater. Double print for duvets with warm and lively colours. On the slopes, the total look in bright red by ICEBERG stands out: padded jacket, sweater, jogging pant and accessories.

If the collection is full of outfits dedicated to free time, there is no shortage of looks dedicated to working days for women who want to climb the corporate ladder and who, even in the workplace, don't want to give up their wild spirit. Punk-grunge tartan mini kilt with inlaid logos and topped with a studded belt embossed with the iconic ICEBERG logo. Technical fabrics for the blue trousers crossed by a red and white slalom as well as fluid dresses. Black alternates glossy and matt, sparkly lines and optical white.

Oversized shirts and dress shirts. Skirts, fit and monochromatic trousers. Patchwork prints. Denim bandana, shiny and embroidered, is paired with shawl pullovers and cardigans from which the inevitable Mickey Mouse emerges. High-waisted jeans and jackets that seem stolen from the men's wardrobe and a hyper-feminine, strapless dress, layered over a rigorous shirt in light blue poplin.

New accessories include an iconic lace-up, mountaineer, knit boot, gaiters  in nylon, a mini calfskin tote bag and a knitting funny pack. The colors are POP and bright: green, red and yellow, toned down by navy blue and the always graphic, black and white.

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