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January 2020

(Milan, January 15th 2020) – Pink suit with floral prints associated with the energy of punk and grunge. The ICEBERG Autumn-Winter 2020 pre-collection is the perfect fusion of different inspirations and influences, mixed by Creative Director James Long to create a perfect balance of opposites.

New volumes and shapes, especially on the sleeves, redefine the character of the ICEBERG woman in a more feminine way, capable of mixing military silhouettes with blue silk skirts, oversized down jackets with dresses, a pink suit with a bucket hat in a new and sophisticated way .Black, forest green and pink are the main colors of the collection, while the all-over prints add new vibes to suits and down jackets, creating something unexpected.

The knitwear, ICEBERG's identity, is very strong and reinterprets some of the most iconic characters from the Loonely Tunes such as Tweety Bird and Duffy Duck in a modern way, through a reflective degradé blue and forest green. All characters have been redesigned starting from the original sketches.
The shirts with cartoon characters are combined with military parkas and skirts. A jacquard coat reveals an abstract cartoon in blue, while the prints and the ICEBERG logo become trippy on a knitted dress or a floral suit.
It is an informal tailoring that mixes with luxury sportswear, where the influences of the men's collection are reinterpreted in a feminine way.
For the second chapter of the ICEBERG Art Collection - a capsule within the 2020 pre-collection -, James Long has chosen to reinterpret the works of the English artist Eddie Peake.

Inspired by Peake's multi-layered painting technique, ICEBERG's shirts become true pieces of art where Italian craftsmanship blends with the artist's bright and vivid characters.
The Rave! shirt Rave! Rave! is one of the key pieces of this transformation, as is the sweatshirt with the ICEBERG logo reinterpreted with Peake's iconic "schotch" font.

The artist's works are mixed by James Long in a new way, in a real four-handed effort to create something new and unexpected.

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