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January 1985

A growth that is also construction, brick by brick. It begins in the two-storey family house, which has become a laboratory. Invaded by knitting machines where sweaters mix with toys and the rooms of the two children who have arrived in the meantime, Patrizia and Paolo, become warehouses. A shed was then built behind the house, but soon even that was no longer sufficient. It could be expanded, but due to the rules dictated by the master plan it was only possible after demolishing the previous building. That little house built in 40 years of hard work that dad Luigi, despite suffering, agrees to demolish. Because he understood that it was essential to encourage the development of the company. So impetuous that in 1985 it gave rise to the industrial center of San Giovanni in Marignano, where the logistics and production platform is located.


We should see this imposing structure, a happy synthesis of tradition and technology, in a sort of sublimation of craftsmanship. Because the computer inputs for pattern making, size placement and development, graphics and embroidery for which Gilmar is famous always come from man and express his irreplaceable creativity. The mind and heart of Gilmar, the style and prototyping offices, the quality control and the shipping department are concentrated in these 45,000 square meters. The customer warehouse is able to accommodate, in an orderly and systematic manner, up to 250,000 items, in what is called "the carousel", where metal supports and mobile structures move the items. A solution proposed by Silvano Gerani, who had seen it in Germany, in a Volkswagen plant. If it transports car parts with such precision, why not test whether the method also works with clothes? And Silvano Gerani, who has always dealt with company organization, real estate expansion and production management, had it installed in that factory, which he designed with a team of internal technicians to meet the thousand needs of the job, living with serenity.

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