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January 2023

Speaking to the dynamism of the individual, the Iceberg SPRING SUMMER 2023 woman is a protagonist in constant evolution. Forward moving and thinking, her wardrobe is based on uniqueness rather than preconceived gender codes or iconic trends of yore.

“For me, these collections are about the individuals themselves who decide how they want to feel, so they can choose what to wear,” Creative Director James Long, explaining that the Iceberg woman’s style journey departs from his vision of “travelling without moving” and exploring fluidity of spirit through bold silhouettes and enlivening Japanese animation-inspired prints.

Bold paradise patterns serve as the hallmark of this season’s look through ready-for-anything, transeasonal parkas, unexpectedly matched with pleated skirts awash in the same print.

Draped in monochrome variations of white and black, forest hues of pine and unexpected splashes of fire engine red, the Spring Summer Iceberg woman exudes a hint of romance with a splash of powder pink.  Whether she is checking out a summer night vibe in a laser-cut tube dress or jetting off to a music festival in elastic-waist culottes, luxury sportswear is at the core of the spring summer 2023 look.

Soccer shorts paired with spiky, geometric pumps and striped knit socks; a hooded, jersey micro-dress is accented with grommets and is paired with matching socks and chunky, ironic block heels are just a few elements of the Iceberg woman’s wardrobe that is inspired by the world of field sports and club culture in the same breath.

She and her male counterpart converge in a pair of total denim looks: a boxy jean jacket that is paired with baggy trousers and crafted into unexpected, geometric silhouettes. Their upbeat patchwork shows off the excellence of Italian denim.

Quintessential Italian sartorial flair and spirit of essential-ness makes its way onto the runway via retro knits, cropped and collared v-necks, as well as oversized blazers that double as mini dresses and/or are layered over with hooded windbreakers.

“There are always 10 different women in my collection (as well as 10 men),” comments Long. “I create it but it is people who choose how they want to interpret it.”

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