Siviglia is an Italian brand founded in 2006.
Top-notch tailoring and the ability to create quality products make Siviglia, in every respect, an Italian design firm of the very highest standard.
Siviglia is an extremely dynamic brand and, after breaking into the market, it soon developed commercially; Siviglia trousers soon became an absolute must in Italy, extremely well-known and admired.
The exceptional success of its core product, trousers, allowed the company to implement a high-speed strategy of product diversification aimed at meeting the needs and requirements of its target consumers.
The company’s prêt-à-porter collection, informal daywear carefully focusing on the most cutting-edge trends that has resulted in an easy-to-wear, commercial line of clothing paying careful attention to detail and fabrics.
The collections are designed according to the needs of men and women who live in a sophisticated, demanding and very contemporary professional inner-city context, specifically catering to those occasions when the clothes will actually be worn.
A research laboratory for trousers, which are carefully studied in terms of their fit, materials, treatment, tailoring and detailing.
White Siviglia is designed with refined men and women in mind, who travel both for work and pleasure and love to dress according to the very best of traditional tailoring with a modern, cutting-edge twist.

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