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January 2020


Ice Play's new imaginary journey moves into space, once again underlining that desire for escape typical of the brand. With the warmest palette and the neutral and enveloping colors of the earth and the desert, this season enhances the intergalactic journey for a cosmic traveler with an urban spirit.

The galaxy has always sparked the imagination of pop culture, giving life to the ICE PLAY Fall Winter 2020 collection, suitable for any everyday occasion but enriched with a futuristic twist. Iridescent and silver effects give three-dimensionality to knitwear and denim, the sequins are tinged with intense green, blue and black while silver is explored at 360 degrees up to the outerwear. Futuristic colors such as white, gray and silver are at the center of the collection while darker tones such as purple, intense green and neon blue recall the depths of galaxies. The herringbone motif of the outerwear is street style inspired and combines with the contrast of the iridescent fabrics, floral motifs and logoed graphics. The fabrics feature lurex inserts, the skirts with micro-pleats, while the shiny effect of the lime and amethyst satin gives lightness and movement.

The men's garments are illuminated with silver foils, iridescent reflections and iridescent details add a touch of glamour. Metallic finishes, hints of neon and details inspired by the space-age style are fused in harmony with the garments belonging to a concept of street style and at the same time casual. The sporty world enters with the integration of technical details including branded zips, unexpected logos and the new personalized rubber zip pullers with logo in high relief. Fleece, acetate and pearly nylons are back. Black combines with red and white to create typically sporty block color situations. The looks maintain the characteristic sporty touch, focusing on oversize fits typical of the 90s, creating hybrids between utility silhouettes, tailoring and streetwear.

Ice Play continues its commitment to sustainability with eco-down duvets that guarantee the same technical characteristics while embracing the "save the duck" concept. A denim package made up of 4 pieces for men and women is instead made with recycled water washes and laser fading.

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